Pine Rock Holdings is a private investment and development company whose mission to find, research and develop possible business ventures. The company has its own capital to develop concepts at an initial stage. When a project reaches a marketable point, it is then moved into the next phase. At this time, Pine Rock Holdings will set up a new entity plus find a suitable and complimentary partner.

After eight years of research, testing and development The Key Travel Group was formed to organize a horizontal integrated travel group to provide premium and unique travel options in the cruise, tour and boutique hotel areas. The focus in on outstanding service matched with quality and excellent value. The company’s mandate is to focus on active vacationers in the forty to sixty-five-year age group with particular attention on solo travellers, an extremely fast-growing underserved and penalized group. Our appeal is to an active, sophisticated, adventurous traveller. Cruisers wishing a more relaxed and casual cruise will also be readily accommodated.

To carry out this commitment the company will focus on smaller ships to accommodate between eight hundred and fifteen hundred passengers which give guests the quality and comfort they expect in a modern-day ship yet still experience the style of traditional cruising. As smaller ships allow for a broader itinerary experience, the marquee ports will be included in a more rational and different format than is commonly used. The opening of new cruise locations will allow quests to explore and study the culture and cuisine of these regions. One aspect will be speciality restaurants which feature food from an area the guests recently visited. The main dining room will offer the more traditional style with multiple seating configurations. In keeping with the informal approach, dining will also be offered in a freestyle venue. Fitness and spa facilities will complement the lifestyle of our guests. Speakers and classes on a broad range of popular subjects such as gardening and cooking will be featured. Traditional entertainment will be interspersed with entertainers from regions visited.

Our program is exciting, active and moves with the times; however, to be successful, it can only be carried out with exceptional service and value for money. The company will commit the resources needed to achieve total customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, there is a cost to providing a premium experience and this will entail a higher tariff. The company feels by offering a more inclusive pricing model, a modest increase will be accepted.


Sandy Laidlaw, President

Sandy is the CEO of The Key Travel Group and Pine Rock Holdings. A skilled organizer and developer, Sandy has been involved in real estate, insurance, travel, marine, house development and investments since 1968. Sandy founded the Brafinlaw group of companies which is still active today in the investment of adult lifestyle living. His vision for TKTG is to bring the most modern lifestyle concepts to the travel market. Sandy holds a BPE degree from the University of British Columbia with additional training from the University of Toronto and York University.

Sara McColl MBA

Sara has over thirty years management and administrative experience in universities and community- based settings. Sara’s expertise is in research, negotiating and human resources in both the private and public sectors. Sara is a graduate of the Schulich School of Business at York University. She as a BA from McGill University and a BSW and MSW from the University of Toronto.

Noel Finucane

Noel has had a career in finance, audit and compliance, both in the private and public sectors. Noel has experience as an executive in sales and marketing with a major IT company. He has held positions as a senior policy advisor and senior examiner for the Licencing and Conduct Division Financial Services Commission Province of Ontario.

Gord Bellmore

Gord has extensive experience in construction, travel and computer science. Gord owned and operated Teachers Travel and Tour Company, the largest private retail and wholesale company for teachers in Ontario. Gord is an expert in negotiating in the travel industry and is well-versed in IT. Gord holds a BA from the University of Toronto.

John Stoklos

John’s areas of specialization are teaching, IT and investment. John has vast experience in the education field both as a teacher, trainer and presenter with the Toronto Board of Education. John is an expert in IT and research development. He is associated with the travel industry where he holds an accredited travel agent certification. John operates a private investment company that invests in new IT companies for the retail trade. John is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Toronto.


Gord Metacalfe

Gord has owned and operated several public and private companies in Canada. Gord founded and operated O” Toole’s Roadhouse Restaurants, a public company with two hundred and sixty locations in Canada and the United States. In 1998 Gord founded EEZE ATM and built it to become Canada’s third largest ATM company. Gord also owns Francon Management which consult to the franchise industry and some of Canada’s major banks. Gord was the founder and operator of Heritage Travel Tour Company. Gord holds a BA degree from Concordia University.


The UK team is made up of members who have extensive experience in the cruise industry. They are fully qualified and have held executive management positions in the industry. The lead member of the group is presently running a cruise company and has experience operating another one. He has also worked as a consultant to major cruise companies both on technical and marketing issues. As these people and presently working in the industry their confidentiality must be protected.