Mission Statement:

The Key Travel Group is committed to providing premium level experiences in unique tour, cruise and hotel travel. Its focus is on service, quality and value.

Company Plans:

The Key Travel Group (TKTG) is designed to enter the world travel industry as a horizontally integrated company offering premium service in the areas of travel agency support, cruises, land tours and accommodation in boutique hotels in international cities.

TKTG will focus on smaller passenger groups and offer unique travel options at manageable cost to the travelers. The target market is the 40 to 65 year age group and those travelers who are looking for more sophisticated and unique experiences. The cruise ship will be smaller than the standard ships, which will enable it to enter non-traditional ports as well as the more popular destinations. The onboard programs and land tours can be tailored to passengers’ interests.

The breadth of TKTG resources and its clear focus on integrated service will ensure the maintenance of its standards with respect to quality and value.